Voting is Pointless

534ffafd31ce2VOTING is POINTLESS

Here’s the real reason why:

a letter by Barron Freeman.




  • The UK Government is an Unlimited Incorporated Trust.
  • Because it is unlimited it does not have to show it’s accounts to public auditors.
  • Because it is incorporated it does have to follow international corporate law.
  • Because it is a trust it is legally protected by trustees and thus not liable…
  • Our Government went bankrupt in the 1860s and has not ever recovered!


As such, corporate law insisted that the control of the company is handed to the highest creditor, in this case the Bank of England… (another royal charter company trust)

The person who works for the Bank of England can stand in charge (charged with the power) to make any economic decisions on behalf of the company with or without the consent of the board of directors.

The board can offer up their opinions and suggest changes and maybe move the furniture around a little bit, but if the Bank of England representative finds even this economically unviable they will overrule the vote.

In this case the relationship of the Treasurer and Chancellor of the Exchequer (between the Government and the Bank of England) are where the real decisions are made… And therefore it is they who hold the real power!

The chairman has practically no say in policy, but only to broadcast them and argue them to no real end with their side-show of illusions…

The Board are the Government. 

The Chairman is the Prime Minister.

The Control is with the highest creditor – Bank of England…

Therefore it makes no odds whether you vote for Reds, Blues, Greens, Yellows, Purples or any other party, as they will only become the acting board, and they will be TOLD what to do by the Bank of England representatives… (and this is LAW)

So all their variable policies designed to either ‘entice us to vote for them’ or to ‘follow their true values’ will all be void and irrelevant once they step into the government role!

This is how things run in our government and how they have for the last 150 years!

It’s a broken system! Impossible to fix! The only real option is to replace it with a better one.. It currently only benefits the financiers of the west, not the people… But a lot of people are very comfortable from this and as such want to change NOTHING!


So the ‘democracy’ we live in, it’s a hoax, a clever manipulation designed by the elite to control the masses by distraction through debate – If I vote blue and you vote red, then we can argue who is right – thus we are divided over matters which are not real! distracted and busy going nowhere… Imagine if we United how powerful that could become?

Remember the Roman maxim, ‘Divide and Conquer’. Our western democracy is this process – being run to perfection!

It’s up to you what you do, but I feel that after 7 years of research I had to share my discoveries and felt that the truth should be shared with the people of the UK! Even if it’s disappointing! Inconvenient, That I cannot help!

Also I don’t care if you believe me or not, you may live in a fibbing system if you choose… But I cannot accept this now I know the facts, and know how tormenting it is to learn the truth, its like a partner cheating on you, only much much bigger!

Good luck on your choices, but realise that now you know this information, you kind of loose the rights to complain when your party fails to deliver what they promised.. It’s not their fault, they are weak, they have no power!!! BUT they do enjoy the benefits and perks of being seen to be in power!

Also if you can, avoid arguing or judging followers of another party as they may not know this info and they may believe that their vote has real meaning, just sympathise that you can now see a bigger picture and maybe share this with them rather than your opinion against their opinion – which are just made up opinions, only alive because of your belief and trust in them! much like our monetary system…

This system is designed to cause conflict! Remember that!

Or see the bigger picture, don’t get stuck rowing in the game of lies!

I bet, you once held opinions that the rest of the world had corrupt politics, and that the UK were just so perfect in leading democracy out from the DARKNESS!

Ha Ha, the joke is on you here, because at least we can see that their politics are false, but ours are so well concealed, so much so that many of you will choose not to believe this document rather than accept the truth, because your own pride wont allow you to be made a fool of! With all your years of ranting about your policies or theirs! its maybe too much to take! – if so, just ignore this and carry on as before, and life will remain the same for you

Good luck on your path!



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