Lawful Rebellion

6245171_f248 Individuals are NOT chattels belonging to a Government! We are Freemen and women, we do not have to consent to being controlled by a tyrannical Government. The truth is that individuals retain sovereignty over themselves! Individuals are NOT chattels belonging to a Government! We are Freemen and women, we do not have to consent to being controlled by a tyrannical Government. A Freeman does not simply succumb to any Acts, Codes or Statutes that have been legislated unjustly.



The first thing to realize concerning this subject is that you have Sovereignty, do not be afraid to announce this and exercise it fully!

Sovereignty is the idea that an individual owns his/her own body. This is a natural Right of a human being to be the sole controller of his or her own body and life! Also known as Self-ownership, sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy!


“What is Lawful Rebellion?

The word Rebellion has several definitions, one of these definitions is a word that has been used often to describe active dissent against the Government. The word is Revolution!

Rebellion can be defined as;

1.Refusal to consent to an authority a code or a convention.

2. An action or display of resistance of authority of an established government.

Lawful can be defined as;

1. Staying within the boundaries of the Law.

2. Actions which are permitted by Law.

3. Methods of dissent that do not violate any Laws.

4. A lawful refusal to consent to an authority that is unjust!

Revolution itself is an abolishment or refusal to comply with established authority, combined with a complete replacement of an already established Government or other political system by the People that are governed.

History has produced a document which clearly defines the issue of Lawful Rebellion. This definition can be found in article 61 of the Magna Carta.


What is the Magna Carta?

The Magna Carta was written to provide Rights to the citizens of England. The document was signed by King John of England (1166 – 1216), the King was coerced in to signing the charter.

By signing the charter King John in effect reduced his power as the King of England. The Magna Carta also allowed for the creation of a Parliament. The Parliament was established to represent the will of the people.

English citizens Rights was established by the signing of the Magna Carta. Their status as Freemen was reinstated.


What was the purpose of the Magna Carta?

The reason for the creation of the Magna Carta was to diminish the power held by the King of England. It made the King govern by the old English Laws that the people of England were forced to abide by before the invasion of the Normans.

The Magna Carta consisted of thirty seven English Laws, some of these Laws were copied, others were recollected. Some of the Laws written in to the Magna Carta were old Laws while others were new to the English People.

The creation of the Magna Carta proved that the power residing in the Title of King could be diminished by a written grant.


Why the Magna Carta was important to the History of America?

Why would a document signed by an English King in 1215 have any relevance concerning “Lawful Rebellion” in the United States? How does the Magna Carta hold any importance to the history of the United States of America?

Since the Magna Carta is the foundation of Liberty in England, it is also the basis for Liberty in America!

Reading through the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution it is easy to see how the Magna Carta influenced the American documents.

The Maryland Constitution of 1776, Article 21 reads:

“That no freeman ought to be taken, or imprisoned, or disseized of his freehold, liberties, or privileges, or outlawed, or exiled, or in any manner destroyed, or deprived of his life, liberty, or property, but by the judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.”


Constitutional Law, Article 61 of the Magna Carta and Lawful Rebellion!

Lawful Rebellion provides for a simple recourse for the People;

  1. The Right to refuse payment of any form of Taxes, Fines, or any other payments which would be used to benefit or support said unlawful actions of the Government.
  2. The Right to refuse to abide by any Law, Legislation, or other Statutory instrument which has been put in place invalidly by said unlawful government which violates any Constitutional safeguard.
  3. To obstruct in any possible way, any actions of the treasonous government of a Nation that has broken the safeguards put in place by the Constitution, This obstruction is to be done with no violence at all! Only Lawful obstruction allowed through the Freedoms guaranteed to us by our Constitution as well as Article 61 of the Magna Carta.

Above is a list of three actions, that we as a People can rely on Article 61 and what it allows for. A Freeman will exercise his Rights to engage in Lawful Rebellion.

Lawful Rebellion!

The term “Lawful” should be defined as:

Being within the law; allowed by law ‘

The term “Rebellion” should be defined as:

Refusal to accept some authority or code or convention; An act or show of defiance toward an authority or established government ‘.

Thus “Lawful Rebellion” is a rejection to comply with an authority that has proven itself to be unjust, done in full abidance of the Law.

SILENCE! You Cannot Speak Of ‘Lawful Rebellion’

It is simply mind blowing how the mainstream media is under control of those in power. The mainstream media reports the Governments propaganda and ignores issues dealing with the Peoples Freedoms!

Government does not want the populace to learn of the idea of “Lawful Rebellion!” It is obvious by the censorship of the Internet that the Government is perpetrating ignorance of the People!

YouTube as well as other media sharing websites have co-operated with Government entities seeking to erase any content regarding Court cases involving Lawful Rebellion. These actions are nothing more then violations of our Freedom of Speech!

There is no media coverage of the concept of “Lawful Rebellion”, simply because the Government controlled media does not want you to be aware of the subject!

What is this Lawful Rebellion that the worlds controllers fear the People will realize?

It was March 22nd of 2008, John Harris went to Buckingham Palace for the purpose of serving the Queen of England an Affidavit.

The Affidavit read;

“My Oath, (which has been signed and sealed by a solicitor) states quite clearly, that I now give Her Majesty 40 days to dismiss the traitors that reside in the Parliament of this country.

I, John James Harris now declare my right under Common Law of England to Withdraw And Withhold all allegiance & obedience to the Person and Crown of Our Sovereign Lady, Elizabeth the Queen, and those who falsely claim to speak &/or to act in Her Name, and by such action, I will remove myself entirely from the authority of those Evil Persons who now seek to abuse & misuse me in the name of Elizabeth, the Queen and in absolute violation of the Common Law of the People to which I belong –

I hereby place on record of all persons that after said 40 days have expired, being the 1st day of May 2008 and the corrections I seek have not been made, by way of the dismissal of the Traitors in the House of Commons, then I John James Harris, will enter into Lawful rebellion under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 and therefore will become a Freeman of England within the Freedom of Common Law.

I will then declare myself free from all chastisement, Laws, taxes accorded to the state and any obligations there unto, by way of second and final Lawful Affidavit signed, sealed and served.”

John Harris disclosed this concept when he served his Affidavit on Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of England. After completing his quest, Mr. Harris declared himself to be in a state of ‘Lawful Rebellion.’ This concept was derived from Englands oldest Constitutional document. A document that was the foundation of the English Constitution, the document known as the Magna Carta!

The statements made by Mr. Harris summed up in a practical way a desire for a redress of grievances concerning the uncontrolled malevolence, greed and corruption which has infiltrated every aspect of the life of the common people.

At this point came the idea of entering in to “Lawful Rebellion.”

Article 61 of Magna Carta gives us the Right to enter in to Lawful Rebellion

Article 61, of the Magna Carta, created in the year, 1215 states that the people hold a Right to enter in to Lawful Rebellion if we feel that Government is acting unjustly.

The truth of our life is that Government exists to govern us, not to rule us. This governance is to be done within the restrictions of Common Law. Government also must sustain our inalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. There is no such thing as a just Law which would infringe upon our Natural Rights. Nor should any such Law be enacted or even suggested.

Article 61 clearly explains what entity has the ultimate power in this Nation. It is very simple, the actual power of the Country resides in the People! The People have Sovereignty not the Government, nor can any entity take this Sovereignty from us legally. Government can make claims that they have usurped the Peoples Sovereignty, this is erroneous and a complete falsehood.

Can the Government stop a person from entering in to Lawful Rebellion?

Any action done by Government that attempts to abolish this power, which is possessed by the People is not binding. It is also invalid to try and remove this power from the point of restraint that the People have invested the power in, as these actions would fall outside of the limitations given to the People through Common or Constitutional Law!

This is a safeguard that has been put in place for the purpose of protecting our Freedoms under Law and to never allow said Freedoms to be removed or curtailed. So the truth is that any Act, Statute or ensuing Law or Legislation which is established by these actions, and affects our Freedoms given to us upon our birth is by definition unjust, invalid, and most important illegal.

When the People invoke Article 61, they are saying quite clearly that they feel they are being governed unjustly. After serving upon the head of state a list of grievances and a time to redress said grievances to no avail, then the choice to enter in to Lawful Rebellion is our last opportunity to rectify the injustice forced upon us. Lawful Rebellion is fully protected by Constitutional Law!

Article 61 of the Magna Carta is the Peoples best weapon against a Tyrannical Government!

It was almost eight hundred years ago that the people received a remedy to be used in the event of a Congressional Dictatorship, or a leader that is attempting to rule by Divine Right such as in a Monarchy.

At the moment of an individuals birth, the newborn has Rights. We have a Right to be governed under a non-tyrannical government. We have a Right to refuse our consent to abide by any Laws put in place that would result in an oppression of the People!

There is a fundamental right to Freedom under Common Law. There is no Government or agency of Government that can take this Right away from the People legally. The Magna Carta was agreed upon between the People and the King of England. This was a deal that Government entities had no part in creating, nor would they hold the power to rescind this agreement.

Treasonous members of the Government fear one thing, that thing is We the People! They fully realize that they will never have the power to defend themselves or their treasonous actions against the mighty power of the People! This power was instilled in to our Constitution by the document on which the Constitution was based, the Magna Carta.

These traitors know as do many others that once We the People realize the power given to us by the Magna Carta and begin to exercise this power, their treasonous power grab will come to an end!

What power is given to the People through Article 61?

The Magna Carta was the basis for the Constitution for the United States of America. Under Article 61 the People hold a Right to enter in to “Lawful Rebellion” if the Government is leading our Nation unjustly.

Unlike what the People are erroneously led to believe, our President and Congress only exist to govern us, not to rule us! This governing must be done within the confines of Common Law and the Freedoms given to the People by this Law. No Law can be enacted which would fall outside the confines of Common Law!

Article 61 makes it quite clear who holds the actual power in this Nation, the power resides in We the People. Each individual holds personal Sovereignty which cannot be taken from us. Not the President or Congress can claim to have the power to eliminate the Peoples Sovereignty.

Any actions taken by Congress to remove the Sovereignty of the People is invalid as it fails to operate within the restraints placed on them through Common/Constitutional Law.

What does Magna Carta stand for?

The Magna Carta stands for Freedom!

The Magna Carta states that the People have Sovereignty which cannot be taken away by anyone or anything!

The Magna Carta stands for the one true rule of Law! That without exception, NO ONE is above the Law!

You have Sovereignty!


Accept this reality and use it!

Common Law!

Common Law is fair in that it applies to everyone, anywhere and everywhere!

Common Law is a Natural and universally accepted concept of Law! It is actually very simple.

You cannot cause harm to other individuals.

You cannot cause harm or loss to another individuals property.

You cannot commit fraud in your contracts.

Theft, murder, perjury, public nuisance, etc.. are also illegal!

This fundamental Law covers everything!

Admiralty Law is the Law of the seas. Statutes, codes, regulations are restricted to the individual. Admiralty Law is only applicable to members belonging to that society.

A Statute is nothing more then a legislative rule given the power of Law. A Society is made up of People that have given their consent to deliberate and determine the actions for a mutual purpose. So in reality, Statutes are only Laws for People that have consented to become a part of their Society.

If you have lived on land that has belonged to your family for generations and some entity comes in and makes claims that they are now the Government of the land and ordered you to pay taxes on your land, as well as following their policies. You would have every Right to tell them that they do not have jurisdiction or authority. You would be correct, because they would not have these powers.

A similar analogy is that claiming Marijuana is illegal in the United States and trying to enforce these Laws in Amsterdam.

This would be a falsehood.

There would be no Jurisdiction.

The reason would not be simply because it was a different piece of land.

The most basic Laws of the Land state that all men/women are created equal. Governments are created by the People to protect mans inalienable Rights which are produced upon the individuals birth.

When a time comes that Government attempts to destroy these Rights, it is the Right if not the duty of the People to change or completely eradicate said Government.

Once you declare your Sovereignty, there is not a thing that anyone can do about it without force!


The Magna Carta, what does it stand for?

The Magna Carta stands for Freedom! It makes it very clear that the People have Sovereignty! It also spells out in a clear language that NOBODY is above the Law!

If you are in search of the basics of common sense in a world that is quickly becoming chaotic through our acceptance of Governmental wrongdoings and erroneous beliefs, you have found your remedy.

There are actions which can be taken to rectify what is right, but before we can embark on this path we must acknowledge that there are deceptions and falsehoods in the world.

We are being led by deception and lies and we need to go back to the very basic premises of society.

All Men and women are equal!

We the People are not satisfied with the state of the world today.

Complaining will not fix things, only through our actions can we set society back on the right track.


Lawful Rebellion, a short explanation.

Lawful Rebellion does not require belonging to an organization, a society, or a movement. It is nothing more then a state of mind.

Lawful Rebellion is peaceful and does not involve breaking any Laws. When enough People hold the same state of mind, refusing to submit to a tyrannical government then it will come to pass that there is a better way to live our lives.

Lawful Rebellion is not a form of control over you or any group in which you happen to belong.

Lawful Rebellion is a way to have People work together to make the world a safer and better place to live. It builds confidence in the individual as to their position in society.

Lawful Rebellion allows individuals to share information, wisdom and knowledge.and the power to act through an educated mindset. If you do belong to a group which espouses Lawful Rebellion, stick with the group.

Lawful Rebellion! Because refusal of consent is a positive action!


The Freeman movement espouses these exact same determinations. Lawful Rebellion is one of the best tactics used to disrupt the tyranny of an unjust Government. The Freeman movement is growing in popularity as many people are finding agreement with the philosophy of the Freeman.

Libertarians are also following the precedents Set by the Freeman movement. A Sovereign individual will not consent to succumb to Laws that are illegal and immoral!


The materials available on this hub are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. All materiel are copyrighted properties of the author and may not be used without permission of the author.

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